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Short Block Option

The "Short block option" is great for Do it Yourself mechanics, dealers, or other marine shops. While this is the most cost-efficient rebuild, it does require longer installation time.

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Dressed Powerhead Option

The "Dressed Powerhead Option" is another great way for marine shops and the Semi-Do It Yourselfer to go. While this option has a little more labor cost it will save you time.

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complete rebuild Option

The "Complete Rebuild Option" is the best way to get back on the water fast. Just send is the whole motor or bring the boat!

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Our Rebuild Process

Our Rebuilding process begins the moment we start to disassemble your outboard motor. We perform a precise and careful inspection of your outboard motor in order to determine cause of failure or additional damage that may have occurred during failure whether caused by: overheating, pre-ignition/detonation, mis-assembling, or from the lack of lubrication or lack of proper maintenance.

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fuel system maintenance

Proper maintenance of your fuel system is an essential part of a well performing outboard motor. When a carburetor is contaminated by water, rust, fuel line deterioration or sometimes even by fuel additives; it can lead to a number of issues with the way your motor performs.

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Lower Unit Services

Don’t get stranded out on the water…have regular maintenance checks and service on your lower unit.

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Regular maintenance is key to a healthy engine. We offer tune-ups to keep your motor running like new.

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