Our Rebuild Process

Built with Quality Performance Parts. Every Rebuild Option is given the same care and attention.

Our Rebuilding process begins the moment we start to disassemble your outboard motor. We perform a precise and careful inspection of your Powerhead and its components in order to determine whether additional damage occurred during failure as well as cause of failure.

It's not enough to just rebuild or replace that powerhead...cause of failure must be determined in order to prevent failure from re-occurring.

Then clean the block, heads, exhaust plates, crankcase, rods, both end caps and crankshaft by soaking them in a chemical wash to remove all grease and build up. The, second inspection is conducted to ensure that the block, crankshaft and rods are in usable condition.

Your clean Block is then moved to our Boring and Honing Area where all the cylinders will be bored and honed. This is the most important part in rebuilding your Powerhead. The performance of your newly rebuilt outboard motor depends on the precise measurements for clearance and the final finish on the cylinder walls. Once this process is completed, the block will undergo one final cleaning process before we begin to assemble your Powerhead.

A properly rebuilt outboard motor can give you as many years of enjoyment as a new one. Every detail counts in the rebuilding process to ensure performance, longevity and reliability. That's why we replace all the internal hardware with new.


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