Complete Rebuild Option

The "Complete rebuild Option" is the best way to get back on the water fast.

"Just send is the whole motor or bring the boat!"

    Our Complete Rebuild Option includes:
    - Boring and Honing of all the Cylinders
    - New Pistons and Piston Rings
    - Upper/Lower and Center Main Seals and Bearing for the Crankshaft
    - New Spark Plugs and Thermostats
    - Conduct a Pressure Check on Lower Unit
    - Installation of New Water Impeller
    - Change Gear Oil on Lower Unit
    - Carburetors rebuilt/injectors cleaned and flow tested (additional fees apply)
    - Begin the the Preliminary Break-in of running motor for 4 hours
    - Includes Continued Break-in instructions
    - Undressing and Dressing
    - Water Test and Tune (Optional, additional fees apply)

    Preliminary break-in time

    Your Newly rebuilt motor will be tanked and ran with double oiled for at least 4 hours in order to ensure proper and adequate lubrication to the cylinder walls, pistons, and rings. Computer Controlled Motors-DFI’s will not be double oiled, we will set the computer to Break-In Mode and run.

    Break-in Instructions and Suggestions to help you care for your motor so that you may enjoy your rebuild investment for years to come will be included in your packet.

    Lake Testing is optional and is subject to additional fees.

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