precision machine service

quality assurance and quick turn-around time! great for the do it YOURSELF-ER and other marine shops

E.T.O.R.  Provides Quality Boring and Honing Services for Most Outboard Marine Blocks as well as Motorcycles, ATV’s and Personal Water Crafts.  Our Precision Machinist will first inspect your block for any cracks, holes or chips and mic the cylinders to determine if any prior work has been preformed on your block.  Should there be any changes to the estimate you received from us, we will notify you for approval, prior to beginning the process.  48 Hour Turn-around time on most Bore and Hone Service.

machine work

Boring increases the diameter while resurfacing the cylinder wall damage and is the optimum and essential basis for a quality rebuild. Precise measurements for clearance are crucial and ensure the performance, durability and the reliability of your motor.

Honing is the finishing process of machining the cylinder walls which remove any mirror scratches so that the new pistons can properly wear and break-in.


When the cylinder wall has extreme damage that cannot be resurfaced by Boring the cylinder, it is necessary to remove the old sleeve from the block and install a new one. This process is done by bringing the block up to temperature, removing the old sleeve and dropping-in a new one. Then the machine work can be performed to match the existing cylinders or bored to standard.

rebuild kits

For You  Do-It Yourselfers, once the Machine Service needed for your block has been determined, we can supply a Rebuild Kit for you and have it ready when you return for your Machined Block. Serial Number, Year, Make and Model is required to ensure the accuracy and cost of your Rebuild Kit.


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