Dressed Powerhead Rebuild Option

just unbolt the powerhead from the mid-section and Crate & ship or bring it in! 

Dressed Powerhead Rebuild” This option involves less mechanical participation by you. Just remove the powerhead from the mid-section leaving all the electrical and fuel components attached to the powerhead. Once you receive your Rebuilt Dressed Powerhead, you will re-mount it to the mid-section. Gaskets for re-mounting the powerhead to the mid-section and “Start-up and Break-in” instructions are included.

Our Dressed Powerhead Assembly includes:
- Undressing and Dressing
- Boring and Honing of all the Cylinders
- New Pistons and Piston Rings, Wrist Pins, Wrist Pin Bearings, Rod Bearings, Rod Bolts
- Upper/Lower and Center Main Seals and Bearing for the Crankshaft
- New Spark Plugs and Thermostats
- Gaskets to Remount Powerhead to Mid-Section
- Break-in instructions
- List of other Services Recommended

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