Fuel system MAINTENANCE 

Proper maintenance of your fuel system is an essential part of a well performing outboard motor. When a carburetor is contaminated by water, rust, fuel line deterioration or sometimes even by fuel additives; it can lead to a number of issues with the way your motor performs.

We begin by completely disassembling the carburetors, cleaning all the passages, removing the jets and cleaning all orifices before reassembling with new gaskets, needles, seats and floats. Many seized or blown outboard motors could have been avoided by a little added preventive maintenance.

Before every trip you should take a few minutes to run through the following list.

  • Always check the fuel and make sure it is fresh.
  • Check your fuel lines for worn spots, cracks or any signs deterioration that may be caused by the ethanol.
  •  The primer ball should be pliable and crack free.
  • Make sure the fuel line fitting are secure and free from leaks.
  • Replace any clamps that are rusted or corroded
  • Replace any damage or corroded fuel tanks.
  • Always check the tank vent to make sure it aspirates properly.
  • Properly dispose of any old fuel. 

Today’s” Ethanol-enhanced” gasoline is digging deep into the pockets of boat owners.  Click on the video below to watch an example of the damage that was caused by a breakdown in the fuel line due to the ethanol in today’s fuel.


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